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Carl Zeiss ( Germany )

For Multidisciplinary surgery. Neurosurgery, ENT surgery, Spine Surgery, P&R Surgery.

Vario 1

OPMI VARIO 700 from ZEISS – Focusing on the Essentials

Combining state-of-the-art optics with a host of innovations, OPMI® VARIO 700 from ZEISS seamlessly integrates into the operating room environment. Physicians from multiple specialties provided valuable input in fine-tuning every aspect of its unique design. The result is a multidisciplinary surgical microscope that ideally complements how surgeons operate, positively impacting virtually
every facet of the OR workflow.

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 Vario 4

Visual Clarity
  • High-end ZEISS optics
  • Xenon illumination
  • Integrated high-definition video chain
  • Automatic balancing of surgical microscope with AutoBalance
  • Quick draping focus with AutoDrape®
  • Streamlined surgical workflow with intuitive functions

Vario 3

Beyond Visualization
  • Can be integrated with current and future ZEISS Surgical solutions
  • Supports image guided surgery


OPMI pico
Carl Zeiss ( Germany )