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Medical Loupes

Medical Loupes
Carl Zeiss ( Germany )


EyeMag Smart_sports_frame-224x168 EyeMagSmart-Einstieg-224x168

EyeMag Smart with Sports Frame or Titanium Frame

See the whole picture with stunning detail

With 2.5x magnification, EyeMag® Smart medical loupes from ZEISS provide images with good color rendition of anatomical structures. The large field of view and good depth of field allow easy visualization of the entire treatment area. When magnification is not needed, the loupe can simply be flipped up, offering the wearer an unobstructed view.

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EyeMag Pro S

Medical loupes with headband

Experienced users with higher magnification needs will appreciate the advanced visualization capabilities of the ZEISS EyeMag® Pro. Available in various magnification levels (3.2x–5x), ZEISS EyeMag Pro medical loupes provide high-contrast stereoscopic images with edge-to-edge sharpness for detail recognition and differentiation. When magnification is not needed, the loupe can simply be flipped up.

Over longer wearing periods, the headband on the ZEISS EyeMag Pro S medical loupes ensures comfortable weight distribution. The personal setting options on the ZEISS EyeMag Pro medical loupe headband facilitate an ergonomically correct treatment position with every tilt angle.


EyeMag Pro F

You can select the carrier that fulfills your individual preferences. With the titanium frame, ZEISS EyeMag Pro loupes offer a carrier into which prescription lenses can be easily integrated. The soft nose bridge and adjustable headband enable a perfect, comfortable fit.


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Carl Zeiss ( Germany )